It is a Whole New World (and maybe not so great)

We live in tumultuous times.

The days since our national election have brought our country’s issues into focus in a new and frightening way.  Many of us are struggling to assess what the new year will bring.

Perhaps you believe, or have been told, that psychotherapy is at worst, self-indulgent, and at best, irrelevant to world affairs.

Nothing can be further from the truth. Therapy can help us refine and understand what we as individuals are feeling, and what actions we want to follow. Therapy is a safe place to confront fears and determine next steps. Therapy can be healing, especially in hard times.

I’m here to listen, reflect, and guide. Contact me if you’d like some support.

734-717-0747; nancy@nancyquay.com
2311 Shelby Avenue, #105-A
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Shelby Avenue intersects with W. Stadium Boulevard just south of Jackson Road (there is a Dairy Queen on the corner of W. Stadium and Shelby Avenue).

Outside view of office building

Outside view of office building


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