Welcome to your new year–and yes, it is yours, to make of what you will.  Sometimes a fresh start is invigorating, and sometimes it’s just overwhelming, and sometimes it’s in between those two states.

Real change is created when pain meets opportunity. Yes, pain.  I know we’d all like to think we change whenever we want, but in reality, unless there is sufficient pain most of us just won’t do the hard work.

Therapy gives you a chance to reduce the pain while following up on the opportunity. Having someone outside yourself to listen and ask questions helps you clarify what you want.

If you really want to change, I can help…fill out the contact form, give me a call, or email me.

734-717-0747; nancy@nancyquay.com
2311 Shelby Avenue, #105-A
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Shelby Avenue intersects with W. Stadium Boulevard just south of Jackson Road (there is a Dairy Queen on the corner of W. Stadium and Shelby Avenue).

Outside view of office building

Outside view of office building


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