Chronic Conditions

Are you coping with a chronic illness?

Are you a caregiver for someone who has developed a chronic illness? Living with a chronic disease is not easy – for the person with the disease, as well as for members of the family. With the initial onset of a chronic condition, you experience loss in two ways – you mourn the way you used to live your life, and you worry about managing your health in the future. Dealing with symptoms over a long period of time can be painful, exhausting, frustrating, and even isolating.

If you are a caregiver to someone who has developed a chronic condition, you experience loss as well, but in a slightly different way – your loved one as you knew them is lost to you. Initially, you may feel sympathetic, but eventually you may begin to feel frustrated and confined by the change.

I’ve worked with many clients who are dealing with chronic diseases (both chronic disease sufferers and their loved ones) to help them manage their health challenges and continue to lead fulfilling lives. Through therapy, my clients learn to effectively communicate their needs to family and friends, and deal with emotions such as anger and depression. They learn how to create a new view of themselves, and how to chart a path into a fulfilling future.