Gender Identity

Are you questioning your gender identity or trying to figure out how to help your family deal with your “true self”?

Some of my clients are re- defining their gender identity (the inner perception of their gender) and determining how they’ll present that inner identity to the world. This is often a confusing and stressful time. Common questions I hear from people exploring their gender identity are: Am I trans*? What does that mean, and how do I know what or who I am? How do I want to be perceived by the world? Do I care what my neighbors or coworkers think? How do I stay true to my family of origin but also be true to myself? How can I still be me?

If you are exploring your gender identity, it is helpful to talk to someone who understands the nuances of gender and gender identity. Through therapy sessions, we’ll begin to figure out who you are, and then help you decide what to do with that knowledge.